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Meet Our Team


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Hatim Belyamani

Founder & Director

Growing up in Morocco, surrounded by sounds of the country’s Arabic, Amazigh, and Sub-Saharan African origins, Hatim was an award-winning classical pianist and heavy metal guitarist. At Harvard, he traded in his headbanging to study jazz, composition, and ethnomusicology, but found a passion in electronic music – a medium that enabled him to combine his eclectic influences. For the next decade, while developing a prestigious career at Apple, Hatim composed, produced, and performed in various solo and collaborative music projects.

In 2012, Hatim felt a strong calling to pursue his vision of bringing people together through music, and resigned from his senior management position at Apple to devote himself to creating remix ←→ culture. His journey with the organization has since taken him and his growing number of collaborators around the world, whether filming and recording traditional musicians, leading workshops, or performing live video remixes at festivals (notably Roskilde and WOMEX). Hatim is currently based in Brooklyn, NY, where a vast trove of thriving and interwoven cultures keeps him inspired to continue bridging divides and connecting disparate communities through the power of music and film.

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Pedro Branco

Deputy Director

Pedro is a Brazilian filmmaker and educator whose interests gravitate around the intersection of art, anthropology, and culturally-sustainable international development. His work includes over 100 audiovisual productions for clients such as the Brazilian Ministry of Rural Development and the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation, and ranges from promotional pieces to award-winning feature-length films. Pedro has taught visual anthropology courses for graduate and undergraduate students, and has personally trained over 20 anthropologists in the use of image-based research tools and methods.

Pedro has also taught various filmmaking courses and workshops for youth across Brazil, Honduras, and Morocco, as well as in Pakistan and the Maldives in collaboration with the World Bank. Strongly informed by academia, Pedro also currently serves as Associate Consultant and Guest Lecturer at IRIS (University of Brasília’s award-winning laboratory for visual anthropology), of which he is a founding member. 

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    Tyler Wood

    Audio Director

    Tyler Wood was born and raised in rural northern Maine.  By age 5 he'd fallen in love with playing and recording music, and was making original albums with his brother on a boombox tape recorder.  Before too long Tyler was performing professionally as a pianist, and also began a parallel career as an audio engineer and producer.  A decade ensued of touring and making records with artists including Chester French, Joan As Policewoman, Luke Temple (Here We Go Magic), Glass Ghost, and Oh My Goodness.  Tyler's work has encompassed a wide range of music from avant-garde to pop to traditional.  His openness has led him in many directions, some very technologically oriented, but he has always maintained a passion for capturing a pure human performance-- a moment's music in a moment's time.  When Hatim Belyamani sought Tyler's advice on early remix ←→ culture work, Tyler fell in love with the music and was refreshed by the intimacy and vitality of the recordings. Tyler happily joined the trip to Morocco in spring 2014, and has been remix ←→ culture's chief audio engineer and audio director ever since.


    Souki Mehdaoui

    Visual Director

    Souki Mehdaoui is an intrepidly honest and caring filmmaker based in Brooklyn. After a colorful upbringing in Morocco, France, and 14 American cities, her visual work is grounded in cross-cultural anthropology, journalism, psychology, and sustainability. Souki can juggle any aspect of the production process as a one woman band, but is best known for her handheld shooting style and playful editing. Her passion is in working with musicians (a few Grammy award winners), when subjects forget she's there, and problem solving for projects off-the-beaten-path. She has worked for Refinery29, Mason Jar Music, Nomadique, Found Sound Nation, Lonely Leap, TED, Pfizer, Tylenol, Bang On a Can, HUMAN, several Emmy award winning documentary directors, and the Oscar nominated team behind The Square. From national campaigns to experimental art, Souki explores film as an entry-point into empathy, wisdom, and ecological storytelling.

    Board of Directors

    Rosylyn Rhee

    Rosylyn received her BA in documentary filmmaking from Harvard University.  A Gardner Fellowship recipient, her films have screened at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C., and on PBS.  Her work has appeared on KPCC’s Take Two, Mental Floss, and in feminist film theory journals. 

    After serving as In-house Documentarian for The Music Center, where she produced a catalogue of videos on the center's education programs, she continued her documentary work with organizations such as United Way, California Arts Council, Alvin Ailey, Otis, and MOCA.  Rosylyn grew up in Centerville, OH and now resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their son.

    Assia Lakhlif

    Raised in New York, Moroccan born filmmaker Assia Lakhlif is a writer and directorwith a background in fine arts. Her award-winning films have been presented at ArteEast NY, Dubai Film Festival, Malmo Arab Film Festival, Harlem International Film Festival, Bushwick International Film Festival, and The Los Angeles County Museum of Art Film Series.

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    Her gallery-based video work has been featured at Art Dubai, The London Festival, Mahatat Collective Egypt, India Art Fair and the Maraya Art Center in Sharjah. Lakhlif received her BFA in Fine Arts from The Cooper Union, and her MFA in Film and Video from CalArts. She is currently a film professor teaching film theory and production courses in New York City.

    Jascha Hoffman

    Jascha Hoffman is a singer and journalist in Brooklyn. Songs from his early albums, which have been compared to Regina Spektor and Leonard Cohen, have appeared on The Atlantic and Boing Boing. His latest album, The Afterneath, based on obituaries, was featured on NPR. An prolific improviser, Jascha shares song daily on SoundCloud and is the co-founder of the Society for Spontaneous Singing. He is addicted to Brazilian music.


    Stephen Labedz

    Stephen is a business owner with a passion for music and the creative process who has lived in New York City for nearly 23 years. Having had the opportunity to travel to many countries, he is fascinated by the power of music to connect people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and continually searches for ways to incorporate music into daily life. 

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    Driven by the entrepreneurial spirit and business challenges, he was a partner in a digital branding and creative agency that had the opportunity to work on projects for a wide range of companies and non-profit groups including Rockport, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson and Johnson, Pew Charitable Trusts, and The Muhammad Ali Center. 

    Stephen currently consults for UNICEF in Geneva Switzerland to solve complex business needs related to fundraising processes and content development.

    Countless Contributors

    We are also immeasurably grateful to the many friends (old and new) who have lent a hand or an ear along the years, including:

    Field Production

    Khalid Agli     Yasser Belaiachi Sully Chamand     Mhammed Elyadini     Bajram (Kafu) Kinolli     Eno Zangoun

    Video Editing

    Abla Benyahia     Michelle Chen     Nina Jordan     Sya Warfield    


    Khalid Agli     Khalid Belyamani   Meryem Bensouda     Fatima Matousse     Yang Shuo  


    Youssef Aziz El-Idrissi  

    Lighting Design

    Antonin Bouvier     Andres Karu


    Khalid Agli      Youness Aziz El Idrissi     Yassine Bellamine     Mourad Belouadi     Abla Benyahia     Antonin Bouvier     Sephira Fierce     Jordan Fletcher     Mohamed Gara     Hassan Houari     Aicha Jabour     Nina Jordan     Andres Karu     Barjam (Kafu) Kinolli     Souki Mehdaoui     Richard Milligan     Yasmine Yata     Sya Warfield


    Amina Bensouda Layal Rhanem  


      Ed Bentley     Bajram (Kafu) Kinolli       Aziz Nashat     Derek Nievergelt     Tyler Wood    


    Tyler Wood


    Josh Bonati     Joe Lambert     Tyler Wood


    Jordan Fletcher     Mounir Kabbaj     Barbara Toy