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We are a non-profit organization celebrating musical traditions in harmony with digital remix art.

Our Mission

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Our mission is to to bridge cultural divides through the transformative power of music, film, and remix. 

Otherwise we are lost.

What We Do

Record & film

underrepresented musical traditions from around the world.

Produce & release

the recordings and videos to audiences worldwide.

Invite remix artists

to remix the musical traditions we've recorded and filmed.

Cultivate karma

by connecting participants in one another's success.

Train & inspire

people to engage with each other through film and music.

Bring it all to life

at concerts that unify musical traditions and remix art.

Our Journey

Watch founder Hatim Belyamani bring our journey to life at the 2016 Amsterdam WDCD conference.

What's Next?

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In 2018, we will focus our energy on the NYC community.  We plan to record and film NYC-based immigrant traditional musicians, train and inspire youth from their communities, invite collaborations with NYC-based remix artists, bring everyone together at a series of concerts in NYC.