1. Download samples

and stems for free, with a Creative Commons BY NC SA license. Have all the (non-commercial) fun remixing them.

2. Share your remix

with us via a streaming or download link. If it rocks our world, we'll take our megaphone up to the rooftops and help promote it.

3. Earn karma

by remaining vested in our mutual success: before earning any money from your remix, contact us for a licensing deal.

Our Fair Trade Remix Model

If you make a remix using our free samples, and contact us for a license to release it commercially, we will happily do so with the agreement that net proceeds are evenly split three ways between the co-creators: you (the remix artist), the traditional musician(s) you remixed, and our organization.


We are cultivating a community where all participants, including remix and traditional artists, are mutually invested in each other's success.  

Thanks to technology, pretty much anyone can remix any music, photo, video, object, or concept they like.  This flourishing remix culture has sparked an unprecedented wave of creativity, which deeply inspired us to contribute to it an ecosystem.  One which is not only more open but also economically responsible.  One where source musicians share in financial rewards when their music is remixed for commercial purposes. One where growing participants engage with each other in a cultural and technological call and response and thus become increasingly curious, empathetic, and compassionate about cultures that differ from theirs.  We do this to create a connection that is more human between all participants.

Otherwise we are lost.

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