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New York City / Morocco


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Alexandra Berta

Budapest, Hungary

Mourad Belouadi

Sale, Morocco

Côco Trupé

Arcoverde, Brazil

 About HAT

Since 2012, Hatim Belyamani – aka HAT – unites artists in an ever-evolving audio-visual dance between traditional music and digital remix art. In his one-of-a-kind live show, HAT is as an orchestra conductor from the future, beaming traditional musicians from the four corners of the world onto a big screen, and shaping them harmoniously into new electro beats. 

Growing up in Morocco, surrounded by sounds of the country’s Arabic, Amazigh, and Sub-Saharan African origins, Hatim was an award-winning classical pianist and guitarist before finding his voice in electronic music. In 2012, inspired to celebrate his roots, Hatim founded Remix ⟷ Culture, a non-profit organization that bridges cultural divides through the transformative power of music, film, and remix. Hatim and his team traverse the globe, capturing the sights and sounds of underrepresented musical traditions, which they share for free online under a Creative Commons license. HAT’s performances are a live remixing of these videos, seamlessly blending the traditional with the experimental –  acoustic trance with electronic dance – connecting his audiences to distant cultures in a unique audio-visual journey.

HAT has performed at various festivals and venues around the world, including the Lincoln Center in NY, Roskilde Festival in Denmark, WOMEX in Spain, and Rec Beat in Brazil.

The project has received increasing acclaim since its inception, in countless print, TV, radio, and online media outlets.

I am delighted to see the work [HAT is] doing, I feel that Moroccan traditional music is a vast treasure that needs to be valued, and bringing it into the digital world as [HAT is] doing is a vital and powerful project.

-Justin Adams - Guitarist (Robert Plant & the Sensational Shapeshifters)

Hatim is currently working on Remix ⟷ Culture’s next project, which revolves around Chrifa Rhoum Bakkali’s work with her all-women’s Sufi ensemble in Chefchaouen, Morocco. The Remix ⟷ Culture team will not only record, film, and remix this beautiful music, but also train people from the local community to make their own short documentaries about the context in which this music and spiritual tradition live. The result of this work, including a performance by HAT, will be presented at a public event in Chefchaouen at the end of November 2019. More info here.


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