Open Call for Applications

+ Background

Remix ⟷ Culture has received a grant to conduct a project in Chefchaouen around Rhoum Bakkali’s all-women Sufi ensemble, in October and November 2019. In addition to celebrating the music of Rhoum Bakkali and her ensemble, we will provide training and assistance to a selection of local aspiring filmmakers (LAFs), so that they can each tell a story about the context in which the music lives, and share it with the world. By the end of the project, not only will we have high quality audio-visual recordings of the music, but we will also have a series of mini-documentaries created by the LAFs which, together, will form a tapestry of self-told stories about Rhoum Bakkali, her ensemble, the Hadra Chawniya Sufi tradition, and the town of Chefchaouen and its surrounding area.

More info about the overall project here.

+ Who we’re looking for

A maximum of 10 Local Aspiring Filmmakers - ages 15-65 - who:

  • live in Chefchaouen
  • are interested in filmmaking (no previous filmmaking experience required!)
  • are available to commit to the following:
    • Oct 7th-11th - workshop (5 hours per day - with breaks for prayer and refreshments)
    • Oct 14th-17th - 2 days of hands-on filming (5 hours per day)
    • Oct 18th - Participating in Remix ⟷ Culture music video shoot with Rhoum Bakkali’s ensemble (all day)
    • Oct 21st-25th - editing (5 hours per day - with breaks for prayer and meals)
    • Late November (TBD) - Attending the presentation event where the LAFs’ films will be screened before live music performances by Rhoum Bakkali’s ensemble and HAT.
  • Note: we understand that some LAFs may have other responsibilities to attend to during the day (school, work, family, etc.) and we will do our best to accommodate all scheduling needs, so classes may take place in the late afternoons / early evenings.

+ What you will get out of it

  • High quality training from internationally recognized experts in music and documentary filmmaking
  • A product - a mini-documentary - that you will have made
  • Your name associated with an internationally recognized music and film project
  • A lot of fun!!

+ Additional notes

  • We are looking for as diverse a group of students as possible - all backgrounds, all language skills welcome
  • We may want at least 2 students to speak French in case translating is needed at times

+ How to apply

Click the Apply Now button below to complete and submit your application.

+ Deadline

September 30th, 2019

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