Call For Applications (CLOSED)

+ Background

Remix ⟷ Culture has received a grant to conduct a project in Chefchaouen around Rhoum Bakkali’s all-women Sufi ensemble, in October and November 2019. In addition to celebrating the music of Rhoum Bakkali and her ensemble, we will provide training and assistance to a selection of local aspiring filmmakers (LAFs), so that they can each tell a story about the context in which the music lives, and share it with the world. By the end of the project, not only will we have high quality audio-visual recordings of the music, but we will also have a series of mini-documentaries created by the LAFs which, together, will form a tapestry of self-told stories about Rhoum Bakkali, her ensemble, the Hadra Chawniya Sufi tradition, and the town of Chefchaouen and its surrounding area.

More info about the overall project here.

We are actively accepting applications for a filmmaking instructor who will train and guide the LAFs through the creation of their mini-documentaries.

+ Duties

  • September: Working closely with Remix ⟷ Culture’s Director Hatim Belyamani and Board Member Pedro Branco (our resident expert in teaching filmmaking), to create a 5-day lesson plan for teaching basic filmmaking to a group of 10 students in Chefchaouen, Morocco
  • October (1st week): Teach the lesson plan over the course of 5 days in a classroom setting with the 10 LAF students
  • October (2nd week): Guide each of the 10 students as they shoot footage for their mini-documentaries
  • October (3rd week): Guide the 10 students as they each edit their footage into a 2-5 minute mini-documentary

+ Requirements

  • At least 1 year of filmmaking experience
  • At least 1 year of teaching experience
  • Must be able to teach in Darija and French. Fluency in English a plus
  • Preference for someone who lives in Chefchaouen
  • Must be able to commit the following 3 weeks:
    • Week 1: Workshop
    • Week 2: Shooting
    • Week 3: Editing

+ Application

This position has been filled, and the application is now closed.

+ Deadline

September 6th, 2019

+ Compensation

  • 5000 Dirhams paid upon completion of work
  • Name credits in all films released by the project for which the instructor played a role
  • 1 meal provided 5 days a week for the 3-week duration of the assignment
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